Preparing for your online physiotherapy consultation

I use PhysiApp or Facebook Messenger for online consultation.

PhysioApp consultation has a minimaly higher price, because I have to pay subscription for it, but I think it is worth to use it. You can read about some benefits here down.


Benefit 1. You will have online video exercise program 

Crystal clear and professionally narrated videos show you how to perform your exercises correctly.




Benefit 2. You will be reminded for the next session and you and I will also see your development

Stay on track and motivated.

Always remember when to do your exercises thanks to in-app, email and/or SMS reminders.

We can discuss easy if you have any problem with your exercises.




Benefit 3. Complete your exercises anytime, anywhere.

View and complete your exercises even when you don’t have internet access. 
Of course when using PhysiApp  initial internet access required to download your exercise program. You can download at home and you can bring with you 🙂


Benefit 3+. Your therapist is at your your back.

You can write me directly in the PhysiApp I can see if one of your exercise hurts or not working so well. 

PhysiApp tracks your progress and feedback in real-time, allowing your therapist to better support you based on clear outcome data.



If you choose to use PhysioApp consultation
you can see here the prices and payment methods.

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There is a lot of vantage to use PhysioApp for online consultation. You can read more about it here.

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